Monday, April 30, 2012

Fill that bus!

On April 20th a group of students from Christiana High School parked a bus out front of St. Stephen's Church Pantry and unloaded over 1800 items they collected from their April Food Drive. The group included eight students who acted as team leaders for groups of other students who signed up for volunteer hours with LCS.
The team leaders were tasked with developing their groups by recruiting more participants and in creating a plan of attack for the food drive. Each group came up with different strategies and competed amongst each other for bragging rights on who collected the most units of food. The students put in over 250 much needed volunteer hours. This was the first time Christiana High School did a food drive with LCS and when asked how it went, guidance counselor Kim Habbert announced "We definitely want to do this annually, but maybe one in the fall and one in the spring."  

We certainly are more than happy to accommodate Christiana High School on that sentiment! Each team leader and the counselors were given surveys so that we can learn more about their experience with the food drive and better fine tune our efforts and support to make it an even better experience for all in the future. 

Food Drives are a fantastic way for schools to volunteer for LCS. Since many high school students need volunteer hours before graduation, and can only do so after school hours when we are no longer open, it solves many logistical issues providing large groups with volunteer opportunities that otherwise would be difficult to manage.

The students earn their hours, while fine tuning their leadership and organizational skills. They learn about marketing, promotion and the needs within their community. Most important they learn to work together as a team. We benefit from the public awareness they raise with their efforts and most important we get the much needed food for our pantry.  It's a win - win!

We would like to thank Christiana High School, the Guidance Department and most of all the students for all of their hard work!
I know we all look forward to working with them again this fall on the next food drive and another school bus pulling up to our doors.

Thank You!

Reported by: Cher Frampton
Volunteer Coordinator

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