Monday, November 23, 2015

News Journal - Hunger In Delaware May Be Getting Worse

The number of people on food stamps in Delaware has dropped slightly over the last few years, but there are still people so hungry that they start eating out of their donation bag even before leaving a food pantry in Wilmington.
“Even with produce, they’ll sit down and start eating,” said Joseph Hickey, director of St. Patrick’s Center on the east side of the city.
People living in that kind of poverty are often overlooked, but they are living in Delaware and the deep poverty that has gripped them is spreading, Hickey said.
The percentage of people living below the federal poverty line across the state is ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

News You Can Use

For Your Church Newsletter
From Lutheran Community Services      December 2015

Editors: This information is prepared for church newsletter editors, secretaries and pastors. Your help in getting the word out is appreciated and will help LCS achieve its mission of “Sharing God’s blessings by helping others in need.” Comments about timing or content are welcome. Contact Steve Tindall ( 302 654 8886.

Holiday Food Drive: LCS is the proud recipient of many food drives throughout the year, but right now we are asking people participate in our 2015 Holiday Food Drive which will stock our new “choice” pantry at our headquarters at 2809 Baynard Boulevard. It’s virtually complete, and the empty shelves are ready to be filled. There are two main ways you can participate. First, by giving. We need all manner of nonperishables but especially appreciate things like tuna, canned meats, peanut butter and cereal. Another way to participate in a food drive is by having one yourself! It’s not for everyone, but some of us have a special gift for organizing and collecting for hungry people, especially during the holidays. We can help you get started. LCS will begin collecting for its Holiday Food Drive on December 4. We are open from 8 to 4. It’s best to call ahead. If you need to deliver at another time, we can make an appointment.

Pantry Volunteers Wanted: Pantry volunteers are needed at St. Stephen’s Pantry and the new “choice” pantry noted above. Call Cher Frampton at 302 654 8886 x107.

Smokers Rejoice: Kathy Swanson who manages the LCS Smoking Cessation Program collects testimonials from the people we have helped with free pharmaceutical aids. Take just one example, Melissa:  “I haven’t had a cigarette since August 6, and I thank LCS and the Quit Line for my success…I feel so much better now. My house is clean. Food tastes different and everything smells better.” What a great way to enjoy the holidays!

Rental Assistance: Sabrina came to us after her son was born.  She had to take some time off work, but did not get paid for it. Trying to catch up on the bills was a challenge, and she fell behind in her rent. Then she heard about LCS. To make a long story short, Sabrina was able to leave LCS with not only rental assistance but also coats for her newborn and kindergartener and toys for both that she can wrap up for Christmas.  Next week, Sabrina will be starting a better paying job, and is thankful for all her gifts.   The coats were provided by St. Marks and Grace of God Lutheran Churches. The toys were provided by Jane Ramsey and David Amos. And the financial assistance was provided by you – our wonderful donors.