Monday, April 30, 2012

Fill that bus!

On April 20th a group of students from Christiana High School parked a bus out front of St. Stephen's Church Pantry and unloaded over 1800 items they collected from their April Food Drive. The group included eight students who acted as team leaders for groups of other students who signed up for volunteer hours with LCS.
The team leaders were tasked with developing their groups by recruiting more participants and in creating a plan of attack for the food drive. Each group came up with different strategies and competed amongst each other for bragging rights on who collected the most units of food. The students put in over 250 much needed volunteer hours. This was the first time Christiana High School did a food drive with LCS and when asked how it went, guidance counselor Kim Habbert announced "We definitely want to do this annually, but maybe one in the fall and one in the spring."  

We certainly are more than happy to accommodate Christiana High School on that sentiment! Each team leader and the counselors were given surveys so that we can learn more about their experience with the food drive and better fine tune our efforts and support to make it an even better experience for all in the future. 

Food Drives are a fantastic way for schools to volunteer for LCS. Since many high school students need volunteer hours before graduation, and can only do so after school hours when we are no longer open, it solves many logistical issues providing large groups with volunteer opportunities that otherwise would be difficult to manage.

The students earn their hours, while fine tuning their leadership and organizational skills. They learn about marketing, promotion and the needs within their community. Most important they learn to work together as a team. We benefit from the public awareness they raise with their efforts and most important we get the much needed food for our pantry.  It's a win - win!

We would like to thank Christiana High School, the Guidance Department and most of all the students for all of their hard work!
I know we all look forward to working with them again this fall on the next food drive and another school bus pulling up to our doors.

Thank You!

Reported by: Cher Frampton
Volunteer Coordinator

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presidential Proclamation -- National Volunteer Week, 2012

President Barack Obama officially proclaimed the week of April 15-21 to be National Volunteer Week. National Volunteer Week is a week long celebration of volunteer recognition and the power of service.

Congratulations to all who have volunteered their time, wherever it was you participated!
Looking for an opportunity to volunteer?  LCS is currently in desperate need for individuals who are interested in organizing food drives and for team captains for it's upcoming 21st Annual Hunger 5k Walk/Run being held on September 15 at Rockford Park in Wilmington. 

We need two basic things to provide services at LCS:

Money and Food. 

What many of us have every day and maybe don't have to think about all that much.

We rely on money to purchase food and to provide assistance with housing. We rely on food donations to help keep us capable of helping the ever increasing need for emergency food supplies to families in Delaware. In 2011 we had a 19% increase in requests, helping over 84,000 people last year. This year we expect those surreal numbers to rise again.

One way to help us raise money is to participate in our Hunger 5k Walk/Run. Volunteer to become a team captain while pulling together some good friends and family for a good time and an even better cause.

I'll be posting more information about Food Drives and becoming a Team Captain soon. 

If you ever wish to see exactly where the food and funds go, please feel free to join us for one of our "Food for Thought" tours held at our Rodney Street Office and St. Stephen's Pantry. We would love to have you! (Dates located to the right.)

Cher Frampton
Volunteer Coordinator 


     Our Nation has been profoundly shaped by ordinary Americans who have volunteered their time and energy to overcome extraordinary challenges. From the American Revolution and the Seneca Falls Convention to the everyday acts of compassion and purpose that move millions to make change in their here for more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Christiana High School Food Drive


by Lutheran Community Services on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 9:21am ·
Wilmington, DE…March 28, 2012…Motivated students from Christiana High School have started a 30-day long food drive at their school which will benefit Lutheran Community Services’ (LCS) emergency food assistance programs for low income people throughout New Castle County. The student-run food drive began March 20, and will be completed on April 20.

LCS is very much in need of donated food. The agency had a 19% increase in food clients last year, going from 58,139 in 2010 to 69,369 in 2011. “That kind of an increase is bound to put pressure on our resources, so this huge food drive from Christiana High is going to be a big help to meet the growing needs of our low income neighbors,” said Jean Warren, executive director of LCS.

The Christiana High School LCS food drive grew out of a community volunteer fair organized by a Christiana student as her Senior Project. LCS was invited and as a result over 100 students signed up to help LCS.  Cher Frampton, the agency’s volunteer coordinator, worked with students to develop the food drive model.

The food drive is picking up momentum with various “captains,” who have each developed their own food drive plan. Everything collected will be ultimately delivered to LCS headquarters at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church at 13th and Broom Streets in Wilmington.  Once there it will be inventoried and immediately distributed through the LCS pantry system to low income individuals and families who are in need of food.

In addition to its food ministry, LCS provides emergency housing and other forms of assistance. Through all of its programs LCS helped 84,000 people last year.

Interested in holding a food drive? Contact Cher Frampton, Volunteer Coordinator (302) 654-8886, ext 107,

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News You Can Use
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We received a warm letter from a recent FAITH Center client that goes a long way toward explaining the unique role that the FAITH Center plays for its clients. The letter begins:  “I was at my lowest point on April 4, 2012, but little did I know that on that same day I would receive monetary and nonmonetary deliverance through the FAITH Center.” Dorothy’s story is almost like a composite of our clients…a traumatic upbringing, job downsizing, unemployment, constant badgering from bill collectors…. Also like many of our clients she was confused about her appointment, showed up on the wrong day but returned on the right one. Dorothy calls that meeting a “turning point in my life,” and a “divine appointment” that went well beyond her need for utilities. She had nothing but positive things to say about the LCS FAITH Center employees. Her letter was peppered with praise about their welcoming caring attitude, compassion, and empathy. To conclude, Dorothy got financial help with her utilities, and much more. – Take a Look!

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