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Christiana High School Food Drive


by Lutheran Community Services on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 9:21am ·
Wilmington, DE…March 28, 2012…Motivated students from Christiana High School have started a 30-day long food drive at their school which will benefit Lutheran Community Services’ (LCS) emergency food assistance programs for low income people throughout New Castle County. The student-run food drive began March 20, and will be completed on April 20.

LCS is very much in need of donated food. The agency had a 19% increase in food clients last year, going from 58,139 in 2010 to 69,369 in 2011. “That kind of an increase is bound to put pressure on our resources, so this huge food drive from Christiana High is going to be a big help to meet the growing needs of our low income neighbors,” said Jean Warren, executive director of LCS.

The Christiana High School LCS food drive grew out of a community volunteer fair organized by a Christiana student as her Senior Project. LCS was invited and as a result over 100 students signed up to help LCS.  Cher Frampton, the agency’s volunteer coordinator, worked with students to develop the food drive model.

The food drive is picking up momentum with various “captains,” who have each developed their own food drive plan. Everything collected will be ultimately delivered to LCS headquarters at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church at 13th and Broom Streets in Wilmington.  Once there it will be inventoried and immediately distributed through the LCS pantry system to low income individuals and families who are in need of food.

In addition to its food ministry, LCS provides emergency housing and other forms of assistance. Through all of its programs LCS helped 84,000 people last year.

Interested in holding a food drive? Contact Cher Frampton, Volunteer Coordinator (302) 654-8886, ext 107, cframpton@lcsde.org.

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