Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greater Power...

Each month we ask a pastor/reverend from a different church to write us a new and inspirational prayer to offer the recipients of our food services.  We feel that most who come to us are having a pretty rough time and could use some comforting words to help them through...  
every little bit helps. 

Here is the offering for April...

God loves us all immeasurably.  And nothing … nothing can remove God's love from us.  God is there, is caring, is watching, and is sending angels of help and messengers of mercy.  This is the love on which we can always depend.  Nothing, nothing in all of creation can change that!

Lord God, you know all about my life.  My struggles.  My hopes and dreams, and of those days when my dreams seem distant and unreachable.  May your love so touch and move me that I find hope in each day.  May your love be so real that I am empowered to be that messenger of care and blessing to others that I meet on this day.  Amen.

Pastor Fred Melton
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 

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