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Behind the camera lens of Jeffery Batt

Every organization needs to have a strong visual presence if they are going to attract business their way. Jeffery Batt came on in September of 2012 and immediately started to help us out with all kinds of projects using his knowledge in graphic design and as a talented photographer. I wanted to sit down with Jeff and ask him a few questions about his experience here. Few have probably seen Jeff, but you have seen his work.

Jeff at the 2012 Governor's Awards

Jeff, what brought you to LCS? 

"I had been unemployed due to a long period of physical illness, it was difficult to find work with little experience to put on my resume. I went to the Delaware Department of Labor and was enrolled in the Training for Results program. Tanya Powell, my case worker, was the one who introduced me to LCS."

What are some of the responsibilities/projects you worked on at LCS?

"LCS had a new logo designed a few years before I started. I was given the task of "re-branding" many of the promo materials with this new logo and creating a visual identity for LCS, something many non-profit organizations have with limited resources.  I am also a photographer for LCS. You might have seen me in a pantry, on the streets, up a fire escape or other strange place, but not realized what I was up to. Sometimes I have to take pictures that are not always easy. Poverty, homelessness and hunger are very sad realities in life.  Many people would rather walk by a person in need than reach out a helping hand, this is the most sensitive work I have ever done."

How did the work at LCS make you feel?

At Shiloh Baptist Mobile Pantry
" Working at LCS has completely turned my life around. Everyone noticed how I have become more outgoing, more confident and more positive. This helped change my entire outlook on life. Thanks to LCS I was able to get a job again!

Aside from being an accomplished photographer and graphic designer, what did you learn while at LCS?

"I learned that regardless of money, fame or accomplishments, the most important thing you will EVER do in your life is to help another human being in need."

Did your time at LCS help you?

 "Without LCS, I wouldn't be where I am today and would not have the social network, support system and sense of self-worth I needed so badly."

How do you feel you made a difference at LCS? 

In front of St. Stephen's Church
"I feel like I have made a difference at LCS by making the visual impact stronger and increasing public awareness of what they do. Why? Because it has made me feel good and I have more original work to add to my portfolio."

Why do you keep volunteering with LCS?

"I keep volunteering my time at LCS because I like the community and the people. Handing out food and seeing the look on a client's face gives me a warm fuzzy feeling even on the coldest days. At LCS I feel like I am part of a family."

Anything else to add before we wrap this up?

"This is not the first food pantry I worked at. When my grandma was alive she ran a food pantry out of her church in upstate New York for over 30 years. She dedicated her entire life to providing food, clothing and shelter to the homeless and victims of disasters, such as the Chernobyl refugees living in the Ukraine and the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. I have brought a copy of the newspaper article about her pantry from 1994. I was nine or ten years old in the picture. My grandmother was a devout Christian and believed in everything LCS stands for, and I contribute everything I do in her memory."

Thank you Jeff, for all of your time and talent. We really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for us!

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