Thursday, October 17, 2013

Call to Action - Food Drives Needed Now!

Attention devoted volunteers and contributors of LCS...

We are experiencing a temporary but critical supply problem at St. Stephen’s pantry and we would like your help. Put another way, we are almost out of food, and we won’t get any deliveries till next week. We are very concerned that if we don’t get more food soon, we may have to turn people away.  Would you be willing to help by putting out the word that we need folks to donate food or conduct food drives? Hopefully, we’ll then have something on our shelves when hungry people come to us.

We understand that there is a good supply of canned fruit and beans, but need these things right away:

·       Canned meat (tuna, stew, pasta with meat, etc.)
Our USDA Room as of October 16, 2013.
·       Peanut butter
·       Soup
·       Crackers
·       Dry pasta
·       Baby food
·       Vegetables (especially green)

Help from your church would be much appreciated. Remember also that government cuts of food stamps are set to take place November 1, 2013, and that as a result, we expect demand to accelerate. Donated food is more and more important to us. It helps fill the gaps presented by deliveries from our main sources, the Food Bank of Delaware and the USDA.

Thank you. If you have questions, feel free to call or email me.  To arrange to drop off food, contact Aaron Ballet on extension 104. Also, we have a helpful guidebook about how to conduct a food drive that is available by contacting Cher Frampton, LCS Volunteer Coordinator, 302-654-8886, on extension 107. Or follow this LINK to get a copy of the food drive kit on line.

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