Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank You Laurie Elseroad

A year seems like a long time, until it is time for us to say goodbye to yet another Lutheran Volunteer Corps Superstar like Laurie Elseroad! It feels like she just got here yesterday and yet, here it is time for her to go. And while we are all sad to see her leave, we are all also very proud of the work she has accomplished while here and the great job she has done.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, please visit their website, www.lutheranvolunteercorps.org/
an incredible organization doing amazing work with our young people. And yes, we have a new LVC'r coming our way in August!!!

Naturally I was not going to let Laurie go without asking her some questions, an exit interview and of course a little photo shoot. I have to keep my photographer busy of course! 
So here we go, Laurie's exit interview.
And Thank You Laurie, you have been Wonderful and we are all going to miss you bunches!
God Bless and much luck on all of your future endeavors! 
-The Staff of LCS

- How are you feeling about winding up your time with us here at LCS?

"I am very sad to say goodbye to my LCS family, but I am excited for the opportunities to come that working at LCS has prepared me for"

-Was this the assignment you were looking for?"Working at LCS was exactly what I was looking for, and more!  I wanted to work directly with people, but I walked away with more skills and experiences than I imagined."

 -What were your first impressions when you got here?"At first I was nervous that I would never get the hang of everything, as it was my first full-time job.  While I had a lot of responsibility, I was excited about it, and the staff here are so open to questions and ideas that I felt a part of the team right away.  Their willingness and desire to help, made the transition so much easier."

- What has the work here at LCS meant to you?

"I feel very lucky to have been matched with LCS because I gained experience in several different aspects of non-profit work.  I had the opportunity to work directly with clients, to organize volunteers, to manage small programs, and to complete office duties.  The range of work has provided me with invaluable skills necessary for my future working for social justice with a non-profit."

- What have you learned while working here at LCS? 

"The most important lesson I will take away from my time here at LCS is who are clientele are.  Putting a face to people in need, I found that there is no particular face."

- If you could pick out one moment you say you will never forget while here, what would it be?
"The gratitude evident in folks’ faces and in their actions that I witnessed first-hand when handing out Thanksgiving dinners to families."

 - What will you miss the most here at LCS?

"Aaron, I did spend 40 hrs a week with him."

-What are your plans once you return home?
"I will be moving back home to Baltimore to work as a Veterinary Assistant at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter in downtown Baltimore, MD.  I will also be working part-time as a field organizer for the Real Food Challenge throughout the mid-Atlantic region."

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