Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greater Power

Every month we have a pastor/reverend from a different church write us a new and inspirational prayer to offer the recipients of our food services.  We place a copy of this prayer into each of the grocery bags we hand out. We feel that most who come to us are having a pretty rough time and could use some comforting words to help them through...
every little bit helps.

Here is the prayer for August:

Let us all turn again and again to the Lord in our difficult and blessed times. Dear Lord, you know my circumstance, even more clearly than I do. You see how hard life can be and how hard it is for me at this time. I t would be easy, even normal for me to complain, or just to lose hope. Give to me the faith and nurture to stand strong in you. Give me the faith to find purpose each day, to see my brothers and sisters as opportunities for me to care for and serve them. Come Lord to both meet my needs and to give me insight to help myself. You are the author of my life, and I seek your love, your forgiveness, your strength and grace. 


Pastor Fred Melton
St. Mark's Lutheran Church    [8/13]

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