Friday, September 7, 2012

Miles of Smiles

Nick Hanging with LCS

Miles of Smiles, that's what I call him -- Nick DeVoe. Why that particular nick name? Well let's just say it fits! He is always smiling and big!

Everyone fell in love with Nick on day one and he established himself as a regular in the St. Stephen's pantry quickly. 

I think it is awesome when we have young people come to us to stay busy when they are between jobs and or school. Keeps them busy, helps with job skills, looks good to future employers and they get to help others in need while they are helping themselves.

On Wednesday August 29th we asked Nick if he wouldn't mind speaking to us about his experience as a volunteer at LCS at our Free Feel Good event being held for our Helping Others Circle. If you would like to know more about our Helping Others Circle and how to get involved, you can contact our Executive Director Jean Warren or our Development Director Steve Tindall for more information.

Since Nick did such a good job, I thought the best thing to do would be just to share his words....

"They saw the potential in me that
I was not recognizing myself in a long time
and inspired me to keep trying."

My name is Nicholas Edgar DeVoe and I am proud to tell people I am a volunteer for the St. Stephen’s Food Pantry. Through my time here working for Lutheran Community Services  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some pretty cool individuals. Not only that but I’ve been able to reinforce and cement my retail skill set and that has given me the confidence to handle any retail job. I’m usually a quiet more reserved person, especially in a work place environment, but I’ve been able to express myself, my thoughts and opinions and grow as a leader here at LCS.

Nick in the pantry with LVC Volunteer Laurie Elseroad

Before I was an LCS volunteer I was sitting on my butt twiddling my thumbs. My mother can testify to that! I was trying to get a job and get back in school but I was having trouble with both.

Earlier this year I started a month long weekly program through the Department of Labor Division of Vocational Rehabilitation where I was hooked up with an organization named “Training for Results.” This wonderful organization was responsible for placing out-of-work individuals like myself into new jobs. They saw the potential in me that I was not recognizing myself in a long time and inspired me to keep trying.

Nick poses with LCS Board President Janice Reissig
They led me to LCS and I found myself in the St. Stephen’s pantry which gave me something to dedicate myself to. Three days a week for the past  month and half I’ve been seeing the impact of my contributions. 

Already, I can see I am doing a lot better! I have a goal to get back into school this spring and I have started to get call backs from the places I have been applying, which is always refreshing. I know now this is a path to success and would benefit anybody who lends a bit of their time.

So to Tonya, Linda, Cher and Aaron, and everybody here that has welcomed me I say “Thank You.” Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for doing God’s Work! LCS for LIFE!!

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