Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Volunteer Job Openings - August/September

Want to help? Here are a few volunteer job openings we are currently in desperate need of.

Food Drive Coordinators (Unlimited Openings)

Thanksgiving and Christmas are not the only times of the year food drives are needed. People are in need of food year round. But many do not think about this volunteering opportunity during the summer. LCS can provide you with step by step instructions on ideas of how to hold a food drive, or you can get creative and come up with ideas of your own.  Ask your church, schools, employers, boy scouts/girl scouts, community center, book club, family and friends to get involved. 

Food Drives are also an excellent way for high school students to earn their volunteer hours. They learn all about team work, time management, marketing, community and so much more. Every hour they put into planning, meeting and executing their food drive counts as volunteer hours. This has proven to be a very successful volunteer activity for both the students and LCS!

If you would be interested in coordinating a food drive, large or small, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Cher Frampton at (302) 654-8886, ext 107 or cframpton@lcsde.org

Team Captains for Hunger Walk Run (Unlimited Openings)

Yes! What would a post be right now without reminding you that we still need more Captains to organize walk/run teams for our 21st Annual Hunger Walk/Run being held on September 15th at Rockford Park in Wilmington. You can find out more information on our website at www.lcsde.org. You can even pre-register on-line! It's really easy!! Contact Heather Teig at hteig@lcsde.org or call (302) 654-8886 with questions. Don't forget that we are holding a food drive that day too, so bring your canned goods! 

Of course we are always in need for other volunteers across the entire organization. But these are the current acute needs that we have right this moment.  Even if these positions are not something you can do, but you know someone you think might be able to do them, pass this blog post along. We would be ever so grateful!

Cher Frampton
Volunteer Coordinator

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