Friday, January 31, 2014

Higher Power

            Every month we have a pastor/reverend from a different church write us a new and inspirational prayer to offer the recipients of our food services.  We place a copy of this prayer into each of the grocery bags we hand out. We feel that most who come to us are having a pretty rough time and could use some comforting words to help them through...every little bit helps.

           Here is February's....

God of many names, Spirit of Life who sustains us,
Help me to find warmth when the cold is especially bitter,
Grant me peace when my inner turmoil is churning,
Guide me to hope when despair seems close at hand.
May I receive your grace as in turn I pass it on to others.
May I be made ever more whole.  Amen.

Rev. Michelle Collins
First Unitarian Church of Wilmington              [2/14]

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