Monday, December 23, 2013

St. Stephen's 12 Days Magi Project with Video

 Check out the St. Stephen's 12 Days of Christmas Magi Project Video featuring volunteers and staff from Lutheran Community Services and staff and church members from St. Stephen's Church. Enjoy!

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church is partnering with other Wilmington area churches on a Magi Project.
They have rewritten the lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas replacing the gifts with food items.  On Christmas Eve participating churches will pass out brown paper bags and invite people to gather these food items over the 12 days of Christmas and bring them to worship on Sunday, January 5th, the day we celebrate the Epiphany. 
Churches who have their own food pantry are welcome to keep the food. St. Stephen’s will collect other food and restock the shelves of the LCS food pantry at St. Stephen’s.
We believe this is a meaningful spiritual exercise for the season of Christmas – giving to those who hunger, spending less on ourselves and more on those in need, marking the days of the Christmas season rather than stopping with the 25th of December, learning more about this holy day of Epiphany that is celebrated by so many Christian communities here in our midst and around the world.
Here are the lyrics to the song....On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

1.     A box of Rice Krispies®   
2.     Two green beans
3.     Three beef stews

4.     Four apple sauces

5.     Five raviolis


6.     Six jars of jelly

7.     Seven ramen noodles

8.     Eight cans of tuna



9. Nine Rolls of Charmin

10.   Ten peanut butters
11.   Eleven cans of peaches
12.   Twelve macaronis

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