Monday, June 10, 2013

Walk/Run Registration Now On-Line!

Good news! Heather, our IT extraordinaire has our 22nd Annual Hunger Walk Run On-Line Registration available up and live and ready and all set and GO!

That means you can go there now and register and set your fundraising goal while working towards it over the summer. Because if you think about it, September is really not that far away. Just a few BBQ's,  pool parties and one or two mad dashes of back to school shopping and it's here before you know it
. All you have to do is click on the image above and it will take you right over to the fundraising page. Once there it will instruct you on what to do. On-line registration is the easiest way to participate, and lots of new stuff has been added. Here are some of the new things straight from the IT headquarters commander, HeatherTeig herself....

Teams: In the past we’ve been forced to make your church or school your team due to the restrictions of our system. Our new registration allows you to choose an “Affiliation” (this will be the church, school, or organization you want credited with your participation) and set-up or join a team. For instance, you could set your “Affiliation” to Your Church and then create a “Team” with your Bible Study, creating a goal just for your Team! We feel this could be a wonderful opportunity for Youth Groups, School teams, Church groups or corporate departments to track their sponsorships while still contributing to their organization at large

We’ve always offered free registration (and t-shirts) to those youth who raised $25 or more and adults who raised $50 or more. When you register you’ll be asked whether you plan to be a “Fundraiser” or a “Registrant”. If you choose Fundraiser, registration is free as long as you raise the requisite sponsorships. You’ll also be given the option of making a donation to get yourself started if you wish.

Personal Fundraising:
Once registered you’ll get access to your “Personal Fundraising Page”. You can set your fundraising goal, add pictures, and arrange the page to your liking. You’ll also be able to send emails to friends and family right from your page with a link to make sponsoring you super simple! You can also integrate with Facebook.

Thermometers: Everyone loves watching fundraising thermometers grow! Not only will you be able to track your personal and team goals, the registration home page will show you how LCS is doing overall!

Hopefully you’re as excited to get started as we are! Click here to get started and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for regular Walk Run updates.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding registration. I look forward to seeing you in September!


Heather Teig

Assistant Marketing Director

302 654 8886 x 100

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