Friday, April 19, 2013

Room at the Table - Table Captain Bulletin/Update

LCS Room at the Table
 Free Fundraising Breakfast

Together We Can
                                                                 May 8, 2013

April 19, 2013

Hi Everyone. Only three weeks till show time! If you haven’t filled up your table, there’s still plenty of time to do so. It’s really not that hard as most people who are asked willingly accept.

Guests Lists Due Next Friday April 26

So far we have received six guest lists from table captains. Only 24 to go! If you still have some inviting to do to fill up your table, now is a great time to do it. We ask that you try to get your guest list back to us by April 26. That leaves us 10 days to work out the final seating arrangements. After you have turned in your list, you can still add or subtract names by calling or emailing us. Even on the day before the breakfast we can add a few more, because there’s definitely “Room at the Table.”

Why 14 Guests?

We asked that you get 14 confirmed guests at your table because experience has shown us that 20% of the people invited won’t show for a variety of reasons. But don’t let that stop you. If you can invite 15 or more guests, please do.  If there’s no room at your table we’ll find one nearby that does have room. In finalizing your list, don’t forget the people who said they would think about it or would get back to you. A quick check with those people may well turn up a few more guests for you.

New Gifts for Guests

Each of your table guests will receive a little gift from LCS at the breakfast. In the past, we’ve given away flower seeds, book markers, even hand lotion. This year’s gift will be something altogether different and will incorporate the theme of this year’s event – Together We Can. Sorry we can’t spill the beans about exactly what the gift is, but we think it’s fitting, of value, and carries our message.

Challenge Fund Going Well

We have asked people to make gifts in advance of the breakfast as a challenge to others. The response has been excellent. So far we have received over $67,000 for the Challenge Fund from 97 transactions. Outstanding!

Call Steve Tindall or Jean Warren at 302-654-8886 or email if you have questions.

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