Friday, December 14, 2012

When I grow up I want to a be a Super Hero!

"The world can give you a job, and a job can be taken away. But a true calling puts you in a career zone that cannot be taken away. It reflects your willingness to do what you feel inwardly led to do in order to help heal the world. The universe then registers your true substance, your true seriousness, and your true purpose.

Some things you do will bring forth worldly wealth; other things you do will not directly bring forth wealth at all, but -- being the right thing to do -- will summon wealth miraculously from other sources."

- The Law of Divine Compensation

I feel this way about my job. It brings me wealth that no paycheck could ever possibly provide. Where else can I meet incredible people who put so much into helping others with such conviction, love, and purple capes...

This is HUNGERMAN! HungerMan represents and is friends with Clyde Sdale, owner of the Double D Diner, the worlds only virtual diner fighting hunger. Their slogan "Don't Eat It, Donate It!"

HungerMan goes from town to town giving out donations from the Double D Diner to charities such as ours. He arrives in a cape and mask like a super hero! We were honored and blessed to have HungerMan grace our doorsteps on Thursday, December 13. 

He was sincerely interested in what we do, how we do it and why. We loved that he asked questions and wanted to look around. We were more than happy to give him a tour! 

We also admired his fashion sense and are now in the process of trying to find his clothing designer, but to no avail...that also seems to be top secret!! He left us with a $300 cash donation but more than that, he left us with a feeling of being special. Special enough to be chosen by the Double D Diner by the owner Clyde Sdale. There are so many wonderful charities out there, and they choose us! For that, we thank you HungerMan and    Mr. Clyde Sdale!

Photos Courtesy of: Jeff Batt

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